What Is The FatCats Capital Club?

FatCats Capital
2 min readFeb 18, 2022

“Member Run, Member Owned”

The FatCats Capital Club, FCC, is a community of people united through their love of NFTs, Defi, and the overall Crypto ecosystem. Owners of FatCats Capital NFTs are the initial members of the Capital Club and gain exclusive access to all the utilities offered. An Accelerator Program, Crypto Literacy Program, and the future Tokenized Investment DAO, the FCC’s main focus is and always will be about community prosperity.

The FatCats Accelerator Program will offer a platform for FCC members to launch their own projects. Acting as effectively as a VC the FCC and its members will be able to provide any funding, knowledge, connections needed to help make members projects succeed. With this Accelerator Program the FCC will foster the growth of our communities members and as each new member run projects succeeds so will the influence of the FCC within the Solana ecosystem.

The FatCats Crypto Literacy Program will be another utility offered by the FCC. The FCC will be hosting and putting out a plethora of literacy and networking content to increase the knowledge base of our members. These will include AMA’s within the FCC Discord with influential people, networking events in the metaverse exclusive for FCC members where they can meet other innovators and established people within Defi and Crypto, and constant alpha sharing by the FatCats Founders and community members will be a few of the many things the FCC will offer.

Soon after mint the FCC will be transitioning to a fully Tokenized Investment DAO, with this transition members who own a FatCats Capital NFT will be rewarded with a portion of FatCats Governance Token (FCGT). This token will be backed by the existing assets in the FatCats Treasury at the time of tokenization and will hold real value. FCGT will also be used for voting within the DAO and will allow holders to put forth proposals for any facet of DAO operations. This will signify our transition to a fully autonomous organization where our initial community will be our strongest asset in terms of the future growth of the FCC.

At the end of the day this project will be made possible by each and every member of the FCC community, as stated above the community is and always will be the biggest focus and asset of the FCC. The opportunity for growth within the Crypto ecosystem is infinite and by creating the FatCats Capital DAO, the FCC aims to become one of the largest influences within Defi, Crypto, Blockchain, NFTs and beyond.


The FatCats Capital Club.

Website: https://fatcatscapital.com/



FatCats Capital

FatCats Capital NFT — A community focused on the development of projects furthering the advance of the Solana Ecosystem.