FatCats Capital x The Saint Eclectic Royal FatCats Partnership Announcement

FatCats Capital
3 min readMay 3, 2022

FatCats Capital is excited to formally welcome The Saint Eclectic as the latest member to join the FatCats Royal Council. We are honored to welcome Saint into our community and are excited for the ability to work with someone of his caliber to help grow the FCC.

The FCC has partnered with The Saint Eclectic as the 8th member to officially join the FatCats Royal Council. Saint is one of the most respected members in the Solana community and a Squid Prize winner. He has written over 50 different threads on topics ranging from general info on identifying good NFT projects to 1/1 interviews with project founders like Frank from Degods. Having been a part of the Solana community since the beginning Saint has become a pillar of knowledge and guidance for many. As a Council member within the DegenDAOO, Bored Ape Yacht Club #3791 owner and a community member of countless other blue chip NFTs Saints presence is very welcome on the Royal Council. Saints experience vetting and researching projects will be a great asset for screening FatCats Accelerator projects and his knowledge of the space will prove to be undeniably valuable to FCC members. We are very excited to welcome Saint into the FatCats Community for all these reasons and many more. We’re very excited to begin working with Saint to further advance and develop the Solana ecosystem and community.

The Royal FatCats are 10 1/1 exclusive NFTs each holding an increased stake within the FatCats Capital Organization. Each Royal FatCat NFT holder sits on the FatCats Royal Council where they will advise and help grow the FatCats Capital Club.

About The Saint Eclectic:

Saint writes threads to share alpha & educate on NFTs & crypto. A Solana NFT OG, he formed the Degen Ape DAO and his CryptoGraf project put together the first community created NFT on Solana. For his contributions to the community & space the Solana Foundation awarded him the Squid Prize in January 2022.

Our favorite threads:

The Saint Eclectic Twitter: https://twitter.com/sainteclectic
CryptoGraf Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlaymakerDAO

About FatCats Capital:

FatCats Capital Club The FatCats Capital Club (FCC) is focused on community growth, development and innovation. 80% of all mint revenue will be used to grow the FatCats Treasury, invest in member run projects through the FatCats Accelerator program while developing exclusive utilities for the Capital Club.

When you become a member of the FatCats Capital Club you become a member of a community that will advance the Solana ecosystem like no other. For those looking to learn, build, or just stack their bags the FCC is the one stop shop for all. By leveraging the combined expertise, knowledge and influence of FCC’s founders as well as the Royal Council the FCC can incubate and produce member projects through the FatCats Accelerator while providing support in a number of ways (marketing assistance, protocol development, partnership formations, etc.). The FatCats Royal Council is composed of some of the most successful, influential, and experienced builders on Solana. We will be utilizing the vast network our Royals have already established to provide some of the best alpha within the Solana Ecosystem. With our relationships with Hydra, Sp00n, SolPunks, Pesky Penguins, DAA, DTP and the DegenDAOO, SolPlayboy and CarlosOMFG we will be able to provide our members with direct access to opportunities unlike anything else. We will be utilizing our community token $CATNIP as a means of currency and transactions within the FCC ecosystem for acquiring WL, entering raffles for NFTs, purchasing Accelerator program project NFTs, to name a few.

Website: https://fatcatscapital.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FatCatsCapital
Discord https://discord.gg/MwbKff9pVX



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