FatCats Capital x Stockstill + Prez (SeaShanties & Hydra Launchpad) Royal FatCats Partnership Announcement

FatCats Capital
4 min readApr 20, 2022


FatCats Capital is excited to formally announce the addition of Stockstill and Prez as the latest additions to the FatCats Royal Council. We are honored to welcome them into our community and are excited to build together at the forefront of Solana.

The FCC has brought Prez and Stockstill onto the FatCats Royal Council in advisory positions, where they will be primarily involved in the incubation of FatCats’ Accelerator Projects. Given their vast experience and knowledge within the Solana ecosystem, Prez and Stockstill will be incredibly valuable additions to the FCC. Prez is the founder of both SeaShanties and Hydra Launchpad while Stockstill is the head of product development at Hydra, and the community manager of Sea Shanties.

This relationship with the Hydra Launchpad, in particular, is extremely promising for the FatCats Accelerator program. We are looking forward to a symbiotic relationship where the FCC will be able to screen and present high quality projects to Hydra, who will then have the option to launch and develop any utilities needed for these projects to succeed. The FCC’s initial screening of proposed projects will direct Hydra’s focus towards the development of projects rather than project selection. Simultaneously, FCC’s members will have the possibility to launch projects on Hydra, the best and most complete next-gen exclusive launchpad on Solana.

In addition to this relationship with Hydra Launchpad, the FCC is extremely excited to welcome SeaShanties and its thriving community. With an extremely active and “diamond-handed” community, A1 Tokenomics, over 95% of NFTs staked and a $1,000,000 LP, SeaShanties is undoubtedly one of the leading projects on the Solana ecosystem. The FCC will utilize the experience and knowledge that Prez and Stockstill have acquired from the development of SeaShanties, allowing us to achieve our short and long term ambitions.

The Royal FatCats are 10 1/1 exclusive NFTs each holding an increased stake within the FatCats Capital Organization. Each Royal FatCat NFT holder sits on the FatCats Royal Council where they will advise and help grow the FatCats Capital Club.

About SeaShanties and Hydra Launchpad:

SeaShanties is a utility based NFT economy that produces continuous value for holders in the form of a proprietary token, $TRTN. $TRTN is issued to holders who stake SeaShanties NFT’s within their primary financial institution, Shill City Capital, with additional institutions such as Shill City Mortgage and Poseidon LP serving specific roles to support the value of $TRTN and to provide value and utility to NFT holders.

Website: https://www.sea-shanties.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/KugbnVq9Wr
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SeaShantiesSol
Secondary Marketplace: https://magiceden.io/creators/sea_shanties

The SeaShanties Hydra Launchpad, is a next generation launchpad created by devs for devs. Their goal is to provide services that will be available to devs looking to improve their projects pre-launch or post mint. They are also able to provide such services to already established projects looking to add utility and value to their holders.

It is the goal of the SeaShanties team to provide quality art, utilities, and security to the Solana Ecosystem. The SeaShanties team believes that the best way to remedy the current situation in the space is to put opportunities in the hands of founders who want to build and create value for their projects. Projects that use the Hydra Launchpad will have early access to any utilities and improvements developed by the SeaShanties team. It is the foundation of the Seashanties project to innovate the next generation of projects that will usher in a new era of financial success, wealth, and prosperity for the Solana Ecosystem.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HydraLaunchpad

About FatCats Capital:

The FatCats Capital Club (FCC) is a Solana NFT project focused on development, community growth, innovation and member prosperity. 80% of all mint revenue will be used to grow the FatCats Treasury, invest in member run projects through the FatCats Accelerator program and develop exclusive utilities for the Capital Club.

Purchase a FatCats Capital NFT to become a part owner and member of the FCC, gain access to all present and future utilities, and earn $CATNIP for staking your FCC NFTs. The FCC aims to become an operational Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). As such, the treasury will act as a precursor to the tokenized fund.

Website: https://fatcatscapital.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FatCatsCapital
Discord https://discord.gg/MwbKff9pVX



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