FatCats Capital x OG Atadians Royal FatCats Partnership Announcement

FatCats Capital
4 min readAug 19, 2022


FatCats Capital is excited to formally welcome Puppet M◎nkester and the OG Atadians the 11th member of the FatCats Royal Council. We are honored to welcome Puppet and his team into the FCC community and are excited to integrate our communities and utilities to benefit both of our holders.

Represented by Puppet M◎nkester, the OG Atadians are a welcome addition as the 11th member of the FatCats Royal Council. The OG Atadians are building a collective analytics business with a mission to improve the functioning of Web3 ecosystems by harnessing the power of data science and wisdom of the crowd. The products offered by Atadia such as PoLo their PFPscore system, Loyalty scores and Lending Labs are all cutting edge developments within the Solana Ecosystem. At the focal point of this partnership is something that will change the way holder benefits are distributed in the Solana Ecosystem. We have worked with the Atadians team to develop a PoLo credit scoring mechanism to use a data based approach to rank holders based on their loyalty to the FatCats project. FCC members will be able to apply through PoLo where they will then be ranked based on a variety of different characteristics that we believed to encompass what a loyal holder is. Some things taken into consideration are, the Diamond Hand Score, which scores one based on the amount of time one has held and not sold their FCC NFT, how active a given member is within the FCC community Discord, how much does a given FCC member publicly support the project on Twitter and a Royalty score, showing how much Royalties a given member has contributed to the project through purchasing FCC NFTs on marketplaces providing royalties to the project.

We will be using this scoring mechanism to provide our most loyal members with a variety of different benefits such as priority consideration for airdrops, $CATNIP mints for accelerator projects and more. This will allow us to reward our members who have been loyal since the beginning and reward members who are active and truly want to support the FCC’s growth.

In addition, we will be opening up the FatCats Accelerator to OG Atadians members, onboarding a community of knowledgeable and diamond handed holders.

About OG Atadians:

The OG Atadians are building a collective analytics business with a mission to improve the functioning of Web3 ecosystems by harnessing the power of data science and wisdom of the crowd. The Atadians Reputation Protocol is a scoring mechanism is a scoring engine that captures and quantifies an individual’s reputation and credibility through the lens of data, both on-chain and off.

Atadia Website: https://www.atadia.io/
PoLo Website: https://product.atadia.io/whitelist
Twitter: https://twitter.com/atadia_io
Secondary Marketplace: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/atadians

About FatCats Capital:

FatCats Capital Club The FatCats Capital Club (FCC) is focused on community growth, development and innovation.

When you become a member of the FatCats Capital Club you become a member of a community that will advance the Solana ecosystem like no other. For those looking to learn, build, or just stack their bags the FCC is the one stop shop for all. By leveraging the combined expertise, knowledge and influence of FCC’s founders as well as the Royal Council the FCC can incubate and produce member projects through the FatCats Accelerator while providing support in a number of ways (marketing assistance, protocol development, partnership formations, etc.). The FatCats Royal Council is composed of some of the most successful, influential, and experienced builders on Solana. We will be utilizing the vast network our Royals have already established to provide some of the best alpha within the Solana Ecosystem. With our relationships with Hydra, Sp00nicus, SolPunks, Pesky Penguins, DAA, DTP and the DegenDAOO, SolPlayboy, CarlosOMFG, The Saint Eclectic, General SOL and The SOL Army, Blocksmith Labs and now the OG Atadins we will be able to provide our members with direct access to opportunities unlike anything else. We will be utilizing our community token $CATNIP as a means of currency and transactions within the FCC ecosystem for acquiring WL, entering raffles for NFTs, purchasing Accelerator program project NFTs, to name a few.

Website: https://fatcatscapital.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/MwbKff9pVX
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FatCatsCapital
Secondary Marketplace: https://www.magiceden.io/marketplace/fatcats_capital



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