FatCats Capital x DegenDAOO Royal FatCats Partnership Announcement

FatCats Capital
3 min readApr 22, 2022


FatCats Capital is excited to formally announce our partnership with the DegenDAOO as the latest addition to the FatCats Royal Council. We are honored to welcome the whole Degen Academy ecosystem into our community and are excited to build together at the forefront of Solana.

The FCC has partnered with the DegenDAOO and their community as the fifth member of the FatCats Royal Council. The DegenDAOO will be represented by DegenService, manager of the McDegens and DegenDAOO Council Member. We are delighted to bring DegenDAOO and its members into the FCC in an advisory role. The quality and influence of members within the DegenDAOO is matched by only a handful of other communities within the Solana ecosystem. Through this partnership, the FCC will be connected directly to both the Degenerate Ape Academy (DAA) and Degenerate Trash Pandas (DTP) communities, along with the most influential members of each. As one of the most OG collections on Solana, the DAA has set the bar for many Solana NFT projects to follow. We are excited to be connected to a team and community of members who have shaped the Solana ecosystem into what it is today, and have them as an advisor to the FCC.

The Royal FatCats are 10 1/1 exclusive NFTs each holding an increased stake within the FatCats Capital Organization. Each Royal FatCat NFT holder sits on the FatCats Royal Council where they will advise and help grow the FatCats Capital Club.

About DegenDAOO:

The Degen DAOO is the community-run body of popular Solana NFT projects Degenerate Ape Academy (“DAA”) and its follow-up NFT project Degenerate Trash Pandas (“DTP”). An organization by apes for apes. The Degen DAOO was formed to enable the passionate and talented Degen community to pool resources and execute initiatives to develop the Degeniverse brand & support the Solana ecosystem.

The Degenerate Ape Academy launched on 28th August 2021. While it was not the first generative NFT on the Solana blockchain it was the first major project that kicked off the rise of Solana and subsequent NFT boom. The DAA is unequivocally the most historic NFT to ever launch on Solana.

The Degenerate Trash Pandas was the follow up NFT project utilizing the 3D art skills of DAA artist Monoliff with some of the Solana industry’s core developers. It is an expansion of the Degeniverse with the Apes’ smaller and devious raccoon counterparts popping on the scene on November 15th.

Website: https://degendaoo.academy/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DegenDAOO
Secondary Marketplace: https://magiceden.io/creators/degenerate_ape_academy

About FatCats Capital:

The FatCats Capital Club (FCC) is a Solana NFT project focused on development, community growth, innovation and member prosperity. 80% of all mint revenue will be used to grow the FatCats Treasury, invest in member run projects through the FatCats Accelerator program and develop exclusive utilities for the Capital Club.

Purchase a FatCats Capital NFT to become a part owner and member of the FCC, gain access to all present and future utilities, and earn $CATNIP for staking your FCC NFTs. The FCC aims to become an operational Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). As such, the treasury will act as a precursor to the tokenized fund.

Website: https://fatcatscapital.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FatCatsCapital
Discord https://discord.gg/MwbKff9pVX



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